After eating breakfast (vegetarian Quiche, of course) at Tupelo’s, talking to my friends for about an hour, I drove to the post office to pick up the Main Street mail. When I came back to my truck to drive home I found a butterfly resting against my windshield. Happy I had my camera with me, I shot several pictures of the apparently comfortable butterfly, put my camera away and started the engine.


Fully expecting Mr. Butterfly to take off as soon as the engine started I was astonished and delighted to see he seemed to be content to stay where he was. I drove slowly across Jefferson and down Pearl to the corner beside Rancho Grande and eased along one block north on Cherry to turn right on High Street. The butterfly fluttered a little. I drove a slower yet, hardly moving. My pick-up barely rolling, I made it down High Street and turned into my driveway. Apparently Mr. Butterfly liked the quiet greenness of my yard and the overhanging branches of my orange trees.

He began to move around on the windshield as though checking out his new location, and with a couple of flaps of his wings flew off to disappear somewhere into the branches of my tall grapefruit tree leaving  me to hope he had found his home right there in my yard.


I haven’t seen Mr. Butterfly again, but a Monarch visited me although I don’t have any particular plants the books say that butterfly needs to thrive. I snapped several pictures and when I had one enlarged, he has hair (sort of red) and a scruffy little beard which I thought astonishing.


My sister, who lives in Virginia plants shrubs and flowers known to attract butterflies and it is possible to photograph several at once. I even shot a photo of two I call “Patriotic” butterflies. In all, I took more than 1,500 photos of butterflies that day.

Some of the best butterfly photographs and the easiest to obtain were the ones I shot during a trip to the “Butterfly House” at Calloway Gardens in Georgia. I was surprised to learn that some of them are not native to the United States. My favorite photograph is a native of the Great Britain.


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