Main Street Monticello

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Monticello, FL 32345
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Joining Main Street of Monticello is a commitment to the community and the revitalization of our historic downtown and surrounding business areas. For More Info...
Revitalizing Monticello

An economically healthy downtown:

Builds a positive image for its community. An attractive downtown reflects Monticello's pride in itself and its future.

Creates job opportunities. A revitalized downtown attracts new investors and visitors while strengthening services offered to the local community.

Saves tax dollars.Improves the area's tax base, and protects the investment already made in downtown infrastructure.

Preserves the historic resources. In an economically healthy downtown, property owners can afford to maintain the historic commercial buildings and thus preserve an important part of Jefferson County's heritage.

Helps to control sprawl. Second stories can be converted into condos and luxury apartments, decreasing the need for more housing developments.

Main Street of Monticello, Florida, Inc.

Welcome to Main Street Monticello

When you think of Main Street what comes to mind?  Small Community?  Local shops and family run restaurants?  Nostalgia and times gone by?


Across the United States there are many Main Streets that have been revitalized, preserving historic buildings, creating new job opportunities, reinvigorating the community and encouraging tourism. This is the Goal and Mission of Main Street Monticello.


Your Main Street leaders meet once a month to plan ways to attract customers and businesses to Monticello and Jefferson County, to create traffic for your business.  We attract vendors to our town festivals and events.  We want to make sure that anyone who stops here will consider returning to our area to shop and enjoy our restaurants and sights.


We continuously work to improve our websites, improve our communications with our members, to be involved in helping our Main Street grow.  As a member for 2015 you will receive our monthly newsletter and calendar.  You will have a place on our website advertising your business.  At our member mixers you will be able to network with other local business owners.


We value you as a member.  Your ideas for improving and revitalizing our city and county to help attract more business is an integral part of our mission.  Your ideas may be key to our growth and preservation of our heritage.

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