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Revitalizing Monticello

An economically healthy downtown:

Builds a positive image for its community. An attractive downtown reflects Monticello's pride in itself and its future.

Creates job opportunities. A revitalized downtown attracts new investors and visitors while strengthening services offered to the local community.

Saves tax dollars.Improves the area's tax base, and protects the investment already made in downtown infrastructure.

Preserves the historic resources. In an economically healthy downtown, property owners can afford to maintain the historic commercial buildings and thus preserve an important part of Jefferson County's heritage.

Helps to control sprawl. Second stories can be converted into condos and luxury apartments, decreasing the need for more housing developments.

Main Street of Monticello, Florida, Inc.

Sharing Water: The Floridian Aquifer in Alabama, Georgia and Florida

October 2, 3 and 4, 2014
Opera House
By Main Street Monticello Florida, Inc.

Contact: Anne H. Holt, Conference Coordinator- email:


Join us for Main Street’s Sharing Water Conference which is patterned on our award winning First Floridians Conference presented in 2012.  REGISTER HERE:


The Sharing Water Conference will attract experts and laymen alike to discuss the future of the Floridan Aquifer. Public discussions on protecting this important resource will continue and grow in the next few years. We believe bringing together interested and involved voices from the three affected areas will result in an exchange of information that will encourage cooperation. We also believe an informed and interested public will support thoughtful planning by our leaders.


We expect three to four hundred people to attend in Monticello’s beautiful 1890 Opera House. Contact Ann Holt for more information.


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